Should You Care About Trees?

Well, a lot of people ignore the fact that we need trees to survive.  If you’ve been a student at primary or elementary school, I’m sure you would be aware of this.  If not, you can look up or google the term Photosynthesis, where you’ll find more information on the process.  To put it simply, all animals and humans must have oxygen to breathe, and trees form part of the process whereby they will absorb the carbon dioxide that we and other animals exhale, & they will ingest it before releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere.  It’s a true “circle of life”, without the process of Photosynthesis, humans and all other animals on the earth would not survive.


What’s another essential item that we need to survive? Water of course.  Many people are not aware that trees in the forest produce a massive percentage of our water supply.  


But for some reason, we as humans are quite reckless when it comes to maintaining something that provides us with our oxygen supply!  There are many places around the world where irresponsible developers and construction companies, let alone some governments, allow destruction of trees on a massive scale.  These very same people do not even bother replenishing or just replanting a new tree to replace the ones that they have destroyed.

It’s a very short-sighted mindset, & is quite disappointing to me & probably you too.   should you care about trees