Avoid These Common Tree Care Mistakes

Avoid These Common Tree Care Mistakes

A place surrounded by beautiful trees can make you feel good. It adds that natural beauty to your home and provides sun protection. You want the best care for trees to maintain that good and healthy look. While you want the best care for your trees, you will want to avoid these common tree care mistakes that can hurt trees.

Improper mulching. Mulching helps the tree maintain moisture and add colour to the landscape. On the other hand, when improperly placed or too much mulch is placed can cause the trunk to rot. Improper mulching may also lead to abnormal root and palm development.

Improper pruning. Tree trimming is required to remove weak or dead branches. It promotes healthy growth of the tree. Bad pruning can be harmful to trees. Over-trimming trees can cause the trunk to thin out over time making the tree shaky in a severe weather condition or in hi winds causing it to break. 

Improper watering. Most established trees do not require frequent watering. Having sprinkler heads directly spray water on the tree trunks can cause the trunk to rot. Also, nozzles next to trees or constant watering to trees may cause the root to rot, which in effect could lead to the death of the tree.

To make sure your trees get the right care they need, it is helpful to get the arborist services. Certified arborists are well equipped to take care of your plants and trees. Your garden will benefit from their experience and expertise when it comes to tree care and maintenance.