Arborist Services – What Is Tree Lopping?

arborist services newtownWhat is tree lopping? For most arborists, the term “lopping” has a couple of meanings such as pruning trees, cutting branches, making trees smaller and removing trees.

However, for most of them, tree lopping is not just cutting the branches or removing trees in a haste since they value the life and growth of every, so if you ask their services if they lop trees, they may think that you want their services to correctly prune and cut off branches so the trees won’t be disturbed from their location.

Lopping actually is prohibited according to the ACT Tree Protection Act 2005 as it defines the procedure as a tree damaging activity. According to the Act, ‘Lopping’ is defined as cutting off branches or stems of a tree between the branch unions and professional arborists are taught not to practice incorrect lopping.

Lopping is mostly considered a drastic action for trees since after a mature tree survives the procedure, it will create an outer shell of new wood around the cut core, which will require careful management since the new branches will just add weight and girth to the tee.

Since tree lopping can be dangerous for trees and could even kill them if arborists are not careful enough, you have to search for an arborist that follows two specific accepted form of lopping such as pollarding and hedging.

Pollarding is a different kind of way of pruning off regrowth that is done once or twice a year while hedging is a kind of trimming similar to lopping but is done once or twice a year so that they can prevent new shoots from growing again.